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Posted on Apr 17, 2018

Dr. Ravivarman Chelliah

Dr. Ravivarman Chelliah


Dr. C. Ravivarman Chelliah

Dr. C. Ravivarman Chelliah


Specialist Prosthodontist & Implantologist


MDS: Prosthodontics & Implantologist

April – 2014

Rajah Muthiah Dental College & Hospital

Annamalai University,

Chidambaram, India.

BDS: January, 2007

Rajah Muthaiah Dental College and Hospital,

Annamalai University,

Chidambaram, India.

 May 1st, 2014 to till Decembre 31st 2017 :

Clinical Head and consultant at PS Dental centers – a chain of dental clinics, ECR branch from as a clinic head of ECR branch I have brought a lot of developments and revenue to the clinic in an ethical way of practice. During my tenure as a Prosthodontist Consultant, I have treated a lot of VIPs and celebrities. 

November – 2007 to March – 2011:

Resident Doctor at Apollo Dental centers for three and half years from  I have worked in almost all of the branches of Apollo in Chennai under various experienced consultants and specialties.

I am well-versed in treating patients who are partially edentulous with removable prostheses such as cast partial dentures and acrylic RPDs and fixed prosthesis such as Crowns, Bridges and implant supported fixed prosthesis. For completely edentulous patients, I am experienced in providing complete dentures and implant retained over dentures.

During my tenure as a Post Graduate, I constantly involved in seminars and journal clubs regularly held in the department. It helped me develop my presentation skill which was the reason for the Prizes and Award I won in the National and International Conferences.

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  1. Bonjour, je suis intéressé par la pose d’un all on 4 ou 6 pour la partie supérieure. Je n’ai que 3 dents saines en haut. Un tarif svp..

  2. Bonjour docteur, je suis à Madagascar, je souhaite venir chez vous pour faire un (des) implant sur mes 04 dents supérieures devant, MAIS après que la situation normale reprenne après le COVID 19. Est ce je peux avoir un devis de votre part pour préparer le budget?
    Bien à vous Docteur

  3. Hello dr. My mum, aged 73 has recently had new upper dentures. However, despite having requested for adjustments, it is still elevated to some extent . Even the smile of my mum has changed. Grateful to know whether it can be adjusted and the approximate costs for same. Can the treatment be done at floreal. If yes, grateful for the opening and closing hrs. May I also know, if treatment can be done on sundays.

  4. Hello. I would like to know the total cost of a teeth implant , the cost of a white crown and also of two bridge. Please

  5. Un devis pour dentier svp le haut plus bas

  6. Sir, i lost 2 teeth & I am now considering implant. Can i please have the approximate cost?

    Thank you,

  7. Hi Dr. I am from South Africa, I have upper and lower dentures that move when I eat and talk. I like to have permanent dentures. I have seen a Cosmetic Dentist here, who told me that I need. More bone in my lower jaw, which I understand as I am 65 years old and retired. Dr I will be coming to Mauritius in June, July. I will be there for 3weeks,and after ready about your expertise I would appreciate if you will help me. Thank you.

  8. Sir I already have a crown in front for 4 teeth but if to replace is it advisable because it is a bit loose now.
    please I want to know the cost n will it be a crown or can replace coz many years now since I have this one.
    There are two inside also not in good condition can u advise please. thank you

    • Dear Madam Mantee
      Thank you for your interest in our services. We advise you to see the dentist. After the proper assessment the dentist will tell you if it is possible to fix your old crowns( if yes, we will do it) or better to redo them. We fabricate crowns in our own Dental Laboratory based in Floreal.So we can fix your smile over few days.
      You can contact us on 6987998 for more information and an appointment.
      Kind regards
      Modern Dental Care team

    • Hello, Doctor.

      I have lost my upper left molar and would like a dental implant.

      What is the cost of a single implant (screw) + crown? Also, the cost of the surgery to place the implant, plus scans and consultations? I would like to know what an (approximate) final clinic bill looks like so I can plan my budget accordingly. Thank you.

  9. sir,
    I have lost my right central and right lateral since +-15 years. Now i would like to have implant tooth. My questions: 1. how long it will take if you may go ahead and 2. how much it will costs approximately?

    Yours faithfully,

    T Morel

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