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Posted on Dec 9, 2020

Diagnostic Wax-up Model

Diagnostic Wax-up Model

At MDC Dental Clinic our goal is to give the best results for our patients, showing the patient a quality diagnostic wax-up model before proceeding with the cosmetic case is one of the most important aspects of the treatment. Our aim is to see patients fully satisfied with the results. We want to make our work foreseeable and this is why we focus on a diagnostic wax-up model before starting any procedures into the mouth.
Very often, a treatment plan which has not included a proper diagnostic wax-up becomes a failure both for the dentist and for the patient at the end result. A proper diagnostic wax-up fabricated in advance should help to avoid this failure.

A wax-up model is fabricated at our dental laboratory (ADB Dental Laboratory) from the impression of your mouth which makes it exact.

 Diagnistic Wax-Up Model

Having the diagnostic wax-up models of your bite enables the dentist to see what should be done and he makes sure that the work looks aesthetically pleasing. With wax-up diagnostic models, the dentist is able to place veneers and crowns with an adjustment or without affecting the patient’s bite.

Another advantage of having the wax-up model is to be able to make temporary veneers, crowns or bridges or full mouth rehabilitation which will perfectly match to the final product so that patients can decide if they are happy with the look like and feel of their new teeth before they will go ahead with the final product. If they are happy the diagnostic wax-up model will be sent to the dental laboratory (ADB Dental Laboratory Mauritius) for the final restorations to be manufactured.

Diagnistic Wax-Up model and Zirconia Crowns

Wax-up models help a dentist and a dental technician to:

  • diagnose potential problems
  • find the right solution
  • plan tooth shapes and jaw forms before treating a tooth to diagnose how worn teeth can be rebuilt
  • explain to the patient what can be done
  • fabricate a matrix from the wax-up that will be used as a mold for the next step of rebuilding the smile

If you want to know more about our services or simply would like to discuss treatment options, contact Modern Dental Care Mauritius on +230 6987998

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