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Wisdom teeth


 Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth are third molars which are erupting last. They usually appear between the ages of 17 and 21. Sometimes they don’t have enough space to emerge and become impacted because of lack of room in the jaw or because they grow in at the wrong angle. If they don’t erupt properly or don’t appear at all, they may need to be extracted.

Impacted wisdom teeth that are partially or fully erupted or visible, can develop oral health problems.


Impacted wisdom teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth are able to course significant problems: pain, bacterial infection, gum disease, can damage adjusted teeth.Food is easily stuck between a partially impacted wisdom tooth and the overlying gums. The position of the wisdom tooth makes it difficult to keep it clean as food is easily stuck between partially erupted tooth and gum. It makes impacted wisdom teeth more susceptible to decay. Entangling plaque and debris are mainsprings of cavities or gum diseases development. Food easily gets trapped between two teeth, if the wisdom tooth is inclined towards/outwards/inwards the second permanent molar,  and cause cavities and decay on the adjoining molar as well.

The wisdom tooth can cause a cyst development which may damage the jawbone and nerves. Such develops can lead to the removal of gum and bone.
Moreover, wisdom teeth may be fully entangled into the gum and/or the jawbone or only partway cut through, or erupt, through the gum.

How do you know if you have impacted wisdom teeth?

Ask your dentist about the proper growth of your wisdom teeth. An X-ray has to be taken to assess the alignment of your wisdom teeth and their presence, to check if your wisdom teeth are generating troubles now or are likely to be a reason of problems in the future. If a dentist recommended an extraction your wisdom teeth, better to have it removed while jawbone is less dense and roots haven’t been fully formed (between 18 and 23 years). Extraction will be easier and recovery time is shorter.

 Your dentist at Modern Dental Care will be able to give you an idea of what to expect during your consultation. Fully erupted wisdom teeth can be removed as easily as any other teeth. Whereas an extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth that is stuck in your jaw and does not able to cut through your gums will be more complicated.It will require an ablation of a small part of the bone to remove it. To make it easier, your dentist will cut your wisdom tooth into smaller pieces that will be extracted one by one.

Recovering time for wisdom tooth depends on complications of extraction. Your dentist at Modern Dental Care will give you all instructions for better, easier and faster recovery.

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