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Custom night guards

Custom Night Guards

Many people are afflicted with bruxism (clenching and grinding teeth during sleep or awake time). They may be aware or unaware of doing this.


Bruxism may damage enamel, wear down teeth, cause jaw pain, irritate the associated tissues or lead to chronic headaches and migraines, ear or neck pain. These symptoms are called Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ). If left untreated, bruxism can damage the joint that connects the lower and upper jaw, and cause the teeth to wear down.

Bruxism can develop at any age, and children, as well as adults, can have the habit of grinding their teeth. Several factors may cause clenching and grinding teeth during sleep:

  • stressful situations
  • problems sleeping
  • abnormal bite
  • crooked or missing teeth may be responsible.

To protect your teeth from being worn your dentist can recommend custom nightguards. This thin transparent device hinders contact between the upper and lower teeth and protects the teeth and/or crowns and bridge while you are sleeping.
Your dentist at Modern Dental Care will take an impression of your teeth and our dental laboratory will fabricate it. All night guards at ADB Dental Laboratory are custom fitted for comfort and can be used for a few years.
Simply wear your custom night guards while you sleep every night and you will prevent:

  • migraine pain
  • tension-type headache pain
  • jaw disorders by relieving pressure
  • teeth grinding
  • the development of TMD/TMJ (temporomandibular disorder)
Do not live with migraines and headaches, do not wait till you lose
your teeth, contact Modern Dental Care Mauritius and learn how
nightguards can help you.